frÍST INSTA 2072-1:2019


Fellur úr gildi - 10.3.2020

Enskt heiti:

Plastic Pipes. Butt Fusion. Part 1. Definitions and Scope

Tengdur staðall:

Draft INSTA 2072-1:2019



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Umfang (scope):

This document defines the content of the INSTA 2072 series of documents as well as the composition of the welding quality monitoring methods proposed to ensure dependable butt fusion quality in the field. This recommendation consists of stages and groups referring to their own standards. Annex A shows an overview of the monitoring methods for butt fusion of polyethylene and polypropylene pipelines. The monitoring methods are classified into groups A, B and C according to the scale and ex post controls. Draft INSTA 2072-1:2019 (E) 4 Stages 1, 2 and 6 are mentioned only to provide background information and are not part of the welding documentation. Annex A gives a condensed view of the stages and parts in this document series. Selection of the monitoring method shall take into account the application field and operating temperature of the pipeline, as well as the population density and rating of the area where the pipeline is installed.

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