ÍST TS 312:2021


Fellur úr gildi - 30.8.2022

Íslenskt heiti:

Tækniforskrift - Gengi gjaldmiðla

Enskt heiti:

Technical specification - Currency rate



ICS flokkur:

3.060, 35.240



Umfang (scope):

The joint effort to create third version of the IOBWS (Icelandic Online Banking Web Service) is described in ÍST-WA-312. This document describes the currency product and is a part of the third version of IOBWS. This document reflects the agreement made by TN-FMÞ and is based on the analysis of the working group TN-FMÞ-VH1 Business claims.
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ÍST TS 312:2022

ÍST TS 312 defines web application programming interfaces implemented by Icelandic commercial and savings banks to expose shared functionality and information for currency exchange rate, under the Icelandic Online Banking Web Services (IOBWS) framework of specifications. Other ÍST Technical Specifications exist which address related but discrete units of the overall IOBWS framework, either as new additions or upgrades to the previous specifications. Some crosscutting guidelines and shared concerns are addressed in the workshop agreement ÍST WA 316. As the consumption and implementation of each part of IOBWS are optional, the documents aim to be independent of each other. The focus in ÍST TS 312 is the information needed for consuming information about foreign currency rates though the variations in client usage patterns and bank specific implementations detail result in many different use cases for said information. The intended audience for the specification document ÍST TS 312 is dev
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