ÍST TS 311:2022


Gildistaka - 30.8.2022

Íslenskt heiti:

Tækniforskrift - Yfirlit debet og kreditkorta

Enskt heiti:

Technical specification - Debit and credit cards details and statements



ICS flokkur:

3.060, 35.240



Umfang (scope):

ÍST TS 311 defines web application programming interfaces implemented by Icelandic commercial and savings banks to expose shared functionality and information for debit and credit cards details and statements, under the Icelandic Online Banking Web Services (IOBWS) framework of specifications. Other ÍST Technical Specifications exist which address related but discrete units of the overall IOBWS framework, either as new additions or upgrades to the previous specifications. Some crosscutting guidelines and shared concerns are addressed in the workshop agreement ÍST WA 316. As the consumption and implementation of each part of IOBWS are optional, the documents aim to be independent of each other. However, due to the origin of the underlying OpenAPI specification in the Berlin Group NextGenPSD2 Framework, ÍST TS 311, ÍST TS 310 on Domestic Payments and ÍST TS 313 on Foreign Payments overlap in parts. All three share a base in the “IOBWS3.0.yaml” definition document and the underlying schema types and API service definitions share common ancestry. Stakeholders are advised to reference the ÍST TS 310 document if more context is required. The focus in ÍST TS 311 is the following: the domestic adaptation to the relevant parts of the NextGenPSD2 framework for card accounts; as well as the information needed to introduce card related details to the IOBWS framework. The intended audience for the specification document ÍST TS 311 is developers who will either implement banking API services or the systems that will consume them as API clients. The reader is expected to have a basic understanding of the Icelandic financial products involved. Further documentation on business aspects of those products will be available from each bank, as they may involve service agreements and the end customers’ contractual preferences and benefits. Out of necessity, the previous IOBWS technical specifications largely consisted of expressing the intent and actual content in a human-readable format, otherwise found in the associated XML Schema and SOAP definitions. The expectation for ÍST TS 311 is that the technical service definitions and JSON data schemas in the accompanying OpenAPI specification can be understood using utilities that can convert them into documentation or navigatable user interfaces. Consequently, the ÍST TS 311 specification avoids the unnecessary repetition of information found in the technical contract “IOBWS-Cards3.0.yaml”. Instead, the the document focuses on the information needed to understand the domestic context of services, schema types and service flows required to implement ÍST TS 311.
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Mynd sem fylgir ÍST TS 311:2021

ÍST TS 311:2021

The joint effort to create third version of the IOBWS (Icelandic Online Banking Web Service) is described in ÍST-WA-310. This document describes the debit, credit card and card account product and is a part of the third version of IOBWS that will also support the domestic implementation of the Payment Service Directive (EU 2015/2366, also known as PSD2). In this document, debit and credit cards will be referred to as cards. This document reflects the agreement made by TN-FMÞ and is based on the analysis of the working group TN-FMÞ-VH1 business claims.
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