ÍST EN 15102:2007+A1:2011


Fellur úr gildi - 1.11.2019

Íslenskt heiti:

Veggklæðningar til skrauts - Vörur í rúllu- og plötuformi

Enskt heiti:

Decorative wallcoverings - Roll and panel form products



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Umfang (scope):

Veggklæðningar til skrauts - Vörur í rúllu- og plötuformi

Hafðu samband í síma 520-7150 varðandi þennan staðal.

Mynd sem fylgir ÍST EN  15102:2019

ÍST EN 15102:2019

This document applies to wallcoverings in roll form supplied for hanging onto internal walls, partitions or ceilings, by means of an adhesive, whose primary purpose is decorative. However, certain wallcoverings in roll form may confer minor sound absorption and thermal resistance properties. The European Standards for wallcoverings in roll form to which this document relates, and which provide additional product definitions and requirements, include the following: - finished wallpapers, wall vinyls and plastics wallcoverings (EN 233); - wallcoverings for subsequent decoration (EN 234); - textile wallcoverings (EN 266); - Cork rolls (EN 13085); - heavy duty wallcoverings (EN 259-1). It also provides for the assessment and verification of constancy of performance (AVCP) of characteristics and marking of these products. It does not apply to wallcoverings whose primary purpose is structural or protective.
Verð: 10.598 kr.
Mynd sem fylgir ÍST EN 15102:2007

ÍST EN 15102:2007

Veggklæðningar til skrauts - Vörur í rúllu- og plötuformi
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