ÍST EN 14037-1:2016


Gildistaka - 15.1.2017

Íslenskt heiti:

Geislahitunarplötur í loft fyrir vatn undir 120°C - Hluti 1: Tæknilýsing og kröfur

Enskt heiti:

Free hanging heating and cooling surfaces for water with a temperature below 120°C - Part 1: Technicalspecifications and requirements


CEN/TC 130

ICS flokkur:




Umfang (scope):

This European Standard defines technical specifications and requirements of free hanging prefabricated ceil-ing mounted radiant panels with an air gap between construction and the emitter (not embedded) fed with water at temperatures below 120 °C connected with a centralized heating supply source intended to be in-stalled in buildings. The panels should be installed with an upper insulation. The European Standard does not apply to independent heating devices. The European Standard also defines the additional common data that the manufacturer has to provide to the trade in order to ensure the correct application of the products. This European standard does not cover the performance of hanging accessories.
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ÍST EN 14037-1:2003

Geislahitunarplötur í loft fyrir vatn undir 120°C - 1. hluti: Tæknilýsing og kröfur
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