ÍST EN 1337-5:2005


Gildistaka - 30.9.2005

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Legur - 5. hluti: Pottlegur

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Structural bearings - Part 5: Pot bearings


CEN/TC 167

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Umfang (scope):

Legur - 5. hluti: Pottlegur
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prEN 1337-5

This document specifies rules for the design, testing and manufacture of fixed and sliding pot bearings. It is applicable to pot bearings: - with elastomeric pads made from natural rubber (NR) or chloroprene rubber (CR) up to 1 500 mm diameter, - with pot and piston made from ferrous materials, - with seals tested for different accumulated slide paths due to rotations between piston and pot of a) 500 m, b) 1 000 m or c) 2 000 m, - with seals made from specific austenitic steel, brass, POM or carbon filled PTFE, - subjected to operating temperature ranges between -25 °C and +50 °C or -40 °C and +50 °C, - subjected to operating temperatures up to +70 °C for repeated periods of less than 8 h. This document will be used in conjunction with prEN 1337-1:2018 and other relevant parts of the prEN 1337 series.
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